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Fascism Anyone ?

“Where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society’s economic processes through direct state operation of the means of production, fascism sought that control indirectly, through domination of nominally private owners.When someone says a law or regulation is fascist, what they mean is that the government is taking over this portion of private industry.

Mighty Weak Tea ! ! !

Is Romney what you expect your newly minted conservatives to vote for? When Obama rolls out Romney’s record, can the average Tea Party member be proud or embarassed? Is this really the choice you want to call your own?

The Truth About Newt

Newt’s record of creating a “Republican Revolution” to re-gain control of the House of Representatives after more than 40 years is well known. His success in creating his Contract with America, in balancing the nation’s budgets, and in reforming the nation’s welfare program is still un-matched. But because of his obviously superior intellect and his unwillingness to suffer fools gladly, Newt was a marked man from the start.

The Tea Party and the Republican Primary

Today the Sunday pundits, from Juan Williams to David Brooks all declared Romney the Republican Primary winner. In discussions about the other candidates, they all seemed to think these folks were just jousting partners – sparring with Romney to ready him…

True…Or False?

Those of us who are “news junkies” with conservative views tend to become skeptical of much of the information we see and hear. . . and for good reason. So, many of us have come to rely on the www.snopes.com…

Historic. Unprecedented. Disastrous.

An event of historic
proportions! What does that mean? It means it has never happened before in the
history of our nation. The United States
of America sustained its AAA credit rating, the highest possible, all through
the Great Depression, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Hurricane Katrina, Lady
GaGa, and the Gulf Oil Spill. But it couldn’t survive the Obama administration’s financial program.

Betrayal by the Tea Party Freshmen

It is never surprising when politicians stay in Washington a few years and become corrupted by the powers there. But I did find it astonishing when after only three months, 75% of these freshmen betrayed the voters that sent them there… It usually takes longer.